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Monday September 25, 2000

12:00 - Medicine Quest

A talk with ethno-botanist Mark Plotkin about his latest work Medicine Quest: In Search of Nature's Healing Secrets.

1:00 - High-Tech Culture

A look at the culture of high-tech and its challenges of privacy with Paulina Borsook, author of Cyberselfish: A Critical Romp Through the Terribly Libertarian Culture of High-Tech.

Tuesday September 26, 2000

12:00 - Child Support in Maryland

An examination of Maryland's child support system with Teresa Kaiser, Director of Child Support Enforcement and Wendell Primus, author of the Abell Foundation report that says the state discourages low-income fathers from supporting their children.

1:00 - Moral Prerequisite

A look at morality and whether a belief in god or religion is a prerequisite for a moral foundation.

Monday October 2, 2000

12:00 - Banning Books in Maryland Schools

A look at fight brewing in Maryland over banning a number of books from school libraries, with Susan Goering , Executive Director of the Maryland Chapter of the ACLU and Susan Jaminson, a local mother and lawyer who is leading the fight against the use of explicit material in Montgomery County schools.

1:00 - Medical care at the end of life

Cindy Rushton and Dr. Michael Gloth join Marc for a discussion about difficult choices, both medically and personally, faced at the end of life.

Tuesday October 3, 2000

12:00 - City's Water and Sewage System

Baltimore City Department of Public Work's George Winfield to discuss the Water and Sewage system of the City.





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