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Table of Contents for "Cyberselfish"

The Making of "Cyberselfish"

Ravers and gilders. In which I describe something of the strange land of technolibertarianism (it's a culture, not a political party) that I will be guiding readers through.

Chapter One
Bionomics in your daily life. A discussion of the Bionomics Institute (a libertarian thinktank, now in suspended animation) and its reach into the Silicon Valley thought-stream; and a more general discussion of the para/pseudo/crypto 'biological' thinking that pervades high-tech discourse on technology, economics, and life.

Chapter Two
The crypto wars: cypherpunks, digital cash, and anarchocapitalism, oh my. A peroration on why cryptography has been such an important issue to both the U.S. government and the high-tech community --- and the bad consequences thereto. Weird sex and cheap Jungian psychoanalysis, too!

Chapter Three
"Wired": Guiding the perplexed. The necessary deconstruction of the magazine that defined an era, and a chance to suggest that high-tech thought-leaders George Gilder and John Perry Barlow are perhaps more retro than they would have us believe.

Chapter Four
Cybergenerous. The perplexing troubling exceedingly complex dilemma of philanthropy and high-tech. Cats, dead rats, and the engineering mindset are all part of the mix.

Chapter Five
But how did this happen? An examination of the factors that have lead to technolibertarianism -- and a small exegesis on all the things the government, in fact, -has- done for high-tech.

Chapter Six
The thrilling conclusion. A summing up, and a personal statement by the author.

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