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The Independent (London)
July 16, 2000, Sunday

By Laurence Phelan
By Paulina Borsook
LITTLE, BROWN pounds 14.99
Borsook lives in Silicon Valley, is conversant with netspeak and has coined
several nifty-cool neologisms. She has a sound knowledge of science fiction, attends Bionomics conventions and is clearly no Luddite.
   Except that Ned Ludd's band of mechanical loom-smashers were
not anti-technology per se, they just resented the effect rapid industrialisation had on their living conditions and job prospects.
  Likewise, in this sardonic but passionate book, Borsook is concerned that the influence of the Valley's developers and venture capitalists is disproportionate to the potential benefits of their products. She sees discrepancies in their libertarian ideology, bemoans their lack of philanthropy and generally wishes they weren't so male and solipsistic.

paulina b.

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