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September 2000

9/5/00 National, Liberty Works Radio, The Zoh Show, interview, 11 am PDT.
9/11/00 Webcast, ladybuglive.com.
9/12/00 Berkeley, UC-Berkeley Journalism School, conversation with Katie Hafner, 6 pm PDT.
9/17/00 National, PBS, Uncommon Knowledge, panel discussion.
9/19/00 New Haven, Yale Law and Technology Society, lecture, 4:30 pm EDT.
9/19/00 New Haven, Atticus Books, reading, "Cyberselfish", 7:30 pm EDT.
9/22/00 Providence R.I., Brown University, Values Initiative conference,
panel discussion.
9/25/00 National, Pacifica News Service, interview. 
9/25/00 Washington DC, Georgetown University, Communications Culture and
, lecture, 6:30 pm EDT.
9/26/00 Washington, Politics and Prose, "Cyberselfish" reading/panel, 7:30 EDT.
9/26/00 Fairfax, George Mason University, lecture, 11 am EDT.
9/26/00 Baltimore, WJHU, Mark Steiner show, interview, 1 pm EDT. 
9/26/00 National, Metro Networks, Eye on Books, interview. 
9/26/00 National, CSPAN2 Book TV, tape of "Politics and Prose" event. 
9/26/00 National, Computer Daze, Guy Kemp, interview, 10:35 pm EDT.
9/29/00 National, NPR, Savvy Traveler, cultural tour of Silicon Valley. 
9/30/00 National, CBS News Weekend Roundup, Howard Arenstein, interview.
October 2000

10/10/00 Pittsburgh, Carnegie-Mellon Graduate School of Industrial Management, talk, 4:30 EDT.
10/11/00 Pittsburgh, Borders, "Cyberselfish" reading, 7:30 EDT.
10/11/00 Pittsburgh, WPTT, Lynne Cullen show, interview, 2 pm EDT
10/20/00 Seattle, University of Washington, Northwest Forum, "Cyberselfish"
reading, noon PST.
10/22/00 Seattle, Northwest Bookfest, panel discussion, noon PST.

November 2000

11/01/00 International, BBC World Service, interview.
11/8/00 Pasadena, Westridge School, reading, "Cyberselfish", 7:30 pm PST.
11/9/00 Los Angeles, UCLA, department of information studies, lecture, 3pm PST. 
11/12/00 Santa Monica, Midnight Special Books, reading, "Cyberselfish", 2 pm
11/13/00 San Francisco, Evening of Independent Voices benefit, "Cyberselfish" signing, 7 pm PST.
11/27/00 Toronto, the Canadian Film Centre, Interactive Arena, lecture, 7:30 pm

December 2000

12/04/00, Santa Monica, Women in New Technology, talk/"Cyberselfish"signing, 6:30 pm PST.
12/05/00 Canada, CBC Radio, This Morning, panel, 9:30 am EST.
12/07/00 Berkeley, KPFA, morning show, interviews, 8:30 am PST.
12/24/00 International, PRI, Beyond Computers, commentary.

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